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Adversity builds Character

 love this quote by Charles Spurgeon “It is doubtful that God can use a man greatly until he has wounded him deeply.”

A successful businessman who has grown his business from an SME to a Large Corporation told me that in business or life just like in war, you should be proud when you have battle scars, “Lalo kang gumagwapo!” I told him if that was the case…I should look like Brad Pitt by now.

Your character gets stronger through adversity as it reveals to you who you really are as a person. As you squeeze an orange to get its juice; adversity can squeeze life out of you for better or for worse. Because of the trials you are facing, you will discover a part of you that you’ve never known existed…from a child you become a man, from a mouse you become a lion, from being hopeless you become hopeful, and from being fearful you become someone whose fearless!

Nowadays whenever I have big problems, I would just recall my failed business experience and without exception it will bring a smile to my face making me optimistic to deal with the challenges I have today.

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