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Attitude of Gratitude

I’m excited to preach today at Victory Greenhills 10am, and then at Victory Novaliches 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm on The Heart of Generosity. 

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Whenever I wake up and before I sleep, I thank God for 5 random things. I first thank GOD for what he is doing in my life. Then I use the acronym POET to prioritize what to thank Him for. I learned this from Tim Sanders. 

P = People, O = Opportunities, E = Experiences, T = Things

Here’s my list today for December 2:

1) God. Thank you for changing my heart to be more generous. 

2) People. Thank you for the organizers of our Christmas party last night…for Ken & Steph for letting us use their photo booth. May you bless them with more clients.

3) Opportunities. Thank you for the opportunity to preach later at Victory Novaliches. May you guide every word that comes from my mouth.

4) Experiences. Thank you for our Victory group’s Christmas party, for being part of a wonderful spiritual family.

5) Things. Thank you for the new suit that I will be wearing at the wedding tonight.

I will have another list before I sleep.

Try having an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE everyday, it will change your life.

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