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Book Reviews in 140 Characters

I realized I have been reading 1 book a week consistenly for the past 3 years. 1-2 books a month the years before that. Here are a series of blogs on the main lessons I got in Twitter like fashion (140 characters or less) from around 200 books. I’ll start with 10 business books first.

Here Goes:

The Disney Way

Dream, Believe, Dare, Do! ”Culture is the key to success.” You’ll be amazed how Disney does business.

The Fifth Discipline

The Learning organization cultivates the ability to learn faster than their competitors.

Be “learningfu!l”

A Man’s Guide to Work

Your work is a calling. If you look up the word secular in the Bible, you will not find it. Work is your ministry, it should bring glory to God!

Adversity Quotient @ Work

The Q word is overused. You have IQ, EQ (not the diaper), AQ, SQ, etc. The author used climbing as a metaphor…Climbers, Campers, & Quitters. 

Automatic Millionaire

Make saving & investing automatic. Have a system that doesn’t depend on following a budget or being disciplined. 

Awakening the Giant Within

The book is based on NLP. It teaches how to make decisions & how our brains are wired. Many good stuff but a lot of new age mumbo-gumbo too.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Red represents all the industries in existence today. Blue is the unknown market space. Search the road of least resistance. Highly Recommended!

The E-Myth Revisited

In the top 5 business books I’ve read. 3 qualities of a businessman: Entrepreneur (Visionary), Manager (Planner), and Technician (Doer). Balance the 3.

Death by Meeting

Meetings are usually a waste of time because its boring. How do you make it interesting? By adding what they use in movies…conflict. Read this!

The Elephant in the Room

3 Primary Behaviors of wealthy people: Discipline,  Long-term commitment to a Financial Plan, Realistic and Achievable goals.

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