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Is Jessica Sanchez going to win?

Today is the day, but win or lose, Jessica Sanchez has touched the lives of people (not just Filipinos) everywhere. She almost got eliminated from the show when the judges, who only can save one contestant per season, did so.

Her response when asked how she felt?

“I don’t expect anything. I just do what I do. Whatever happens happens, and I just want people to know that I’ve been working hard my entire life…”

How can you be a Jessica Sanchez and why is she considered a winner in my book?

1) She takes risks.

I don’t expect anything. I just do what I do.

Its absurd that some columnists predicted she has zero chances of winning, yet today she is the one to beat to win the crown. 

She doesn’t expect anything from anyone but herself. She just do what she does, and give it her best, as seen in her performances. Jessica’s expectation comes from expecting that she will give it her all.

2) She has faith.

Whatever happens happens

Life is not what happens, it’s how you take it. If you act on your goals and dreams in life, then whatever life dishes out is a stepping stone towards success.

The Bible says, Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. It also says that Faith without action is dead. Faith is not just a noun, it’s also a verb. It is an action word. 

3) She works hard.

I just want people to know that I’ve been working hard my entire life…

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell gave a principle called “The 10, 000 hour rule. He says that according to research, 10,000 hours is the magic number for greatness. It means that a person who achieved great things has 10,000 hours worth of experience under his/her belt. This is not the first singing/talent contest she joined, the first one was America’s Got Talent at the age of 12. In fact, She started singing when she was 2 years old.

She wasn’t born to be a winner, she was preparing all her life to be one, and that is why she is where she is today, in the final two of American Idol.

Lastly, I’m touched by her humility. In a world where pride is considered a virtue, humility is not seen as a sign of strength, but of weakness. And that is where her true strength comes from…her heart. When she sings, it’s not just her talent that shines…its her heart. She sings with so much heart in it!

That’s why win or lose, Jessica Sanchez is one reason why I’m proud to be pinoy! 

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