No Dull Moment

“Jayson Lo? Ha? Seryoso ka ba? Bakit siya yun kukunin mo na speaker?”

Last week, my friend invited me to guest in his podcast.

He confessed that years ago, his wife laughed when she found out that he invited me to speak for their new company.

And this isn’t funny “haha” laughter.

It was the condescending type.

I could just imagine how that went.

Truth be told, I couldn’t blame my friends because they saw first hand how badly I bombed when I was starting out.

To say I was not a good speaker was an understatement. I was awful. And only did it out of necessity.

So the day came…

After my talk, this is the feedback they gave me: “You blew our socks off with that speech!”

Then he said 3 words that stuck with me to this day…

“In that hour, there was NO DULL MOMENT.”

That was 10 years ago.

Here’s the funny thing.

It wasn’t because of talent, voice, or charisma that made it work.

(Though I can’t blame if you thought so lol)

It was because of a simple speaking framework I developed in almost 2 decades of speaking publicly that I fondly call “No Dull Moment – “The 7As Speaking Model.”

I’ve used this to teach and coach companies, well-known speakers, top sales people, financial advisors, networkers, politicians, managers and entrepreneurs.

When I told my wife, Kat, that I will teach the same framework I teach my corporate clients in Zoom for just P750, Siya naman ngayon ang tumawa…”Seryoso ka ba?”

Hmm… I’m seeing a pattern here.

I told her I’m doing this bec of Covid, that it would be a big help to many.

This is happening on May 12 Tuesday 7:30pm.

If you are interested to know how to use the 7A Speaking Model that works for public speaking, presentations, sales pitches, writing articles, and for Zoom webinars today…

Please sign up to this Link:

Limited Slots Only. First Come, First Served. Cheers!

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