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Master the skill of Asking Questions

What can we learn when things don’t turn out the way we want them to?  

What can we learn when our expectations aren’t met?

What can we learn from our success and our failures?

The best way to learn is to be a kid again. Kids ask questions all the time.

Yesterday, I watched Wall-E – the animated film – with my kids. Gabbie, my eldest, asked me more than 50 questions during the two-hour movie. Why is Wall-E a robot? What happened to the spaceship? Why are all the people in the spaceship fat? Etc.

When we grow older, we stop asking questions. It’s either we think we know all the answers or we feel it’s embarrassing to ask. For me, there are no dumb questions, if asking will help you understand a subject more.

However, the questions I am referring to are the questions we ask ourself daily…those questions that help us introspect. I heard one American motivational speaker say, “The questions we ask ourself determine the quality of our life.”

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