Post-Graduation Blues: How Inspired Talks Can Make You Feel Better

How can inspired talks help you with your post-graduation blues?

  1. Shake up your routine
  2. Reduce anxiety about employment
  3. Give you a more positive outlook

When students enter their senior year in college, they tend to prioritize graduating the most. This is not bad, but this focus on short-sighted goals leads to emotional problems later on. After they graduate, they feel lost about what to do. They soon develop post-graduation blues.

One of the most painful things for those suffering from this condition is the feeling of having no one to support you. A lot of your family and friends may not understand, and you soon become afraid to communicate with them your feelings.

When your loved ones are incapable of helping you, it might be the right time for you to look for a life coach in the Philippines. They share their knowledge through seminars or talks with the aim of improving the lives of everyone who attends. An inspired talk from them might give you answers and ways needed to solve your problems. These are ways their inspired talks can make you feel better:

Shake up your routine

After finishing the graduation ceremony, you may be constantly asking yourself what to do with your time. Most fresh graduates spend a majority of their time looking for a job, to the point it becomes a routine. When you focus on one thing, you easily become sadder because life becomes stagnant.

You need variety to happy. A life coach in the Philippines can discuss with your activities that can shake up your routine you can pursue while looking for a job, such as volunteer work or sports. These activities will help you forget about your stress and give you energy.

Reduce anxiety about employment

After commencement or graduation is over, former students develop new reasons to be anxious over. When you were still studying, requirement and organizational activities were the ones that constantly worried you. Now, you are worried about being enough for employers. Worrying almost becomes a habit to you thanks to school.

Most people feel that not being employed equals you not having your life together or being successful. You become anxious whenever you fail, such as not being given the job offer after an interview. College most likely made you feel that perfection is the only indicator of success. In real life, you will lose more than you win. Successful speakers in many inspired talks have lost more than they won. They succeeded because they were not afraid of making mistakes unlike you. When you listen to the challenges they faced and overcome, you will become less afraid of going after the career you always dreamed about.

Give you a more positive outlook

It can be really hard to feel alright or positive when you don’t know what to do with your life. You don’t seem to be enough for any company. Additionally, you may also feel very negative about your life when you see your friends post on social media about their new jobs. A personal coach will keep reminding you to stop comparing yourself to others. Lastly, he or she can teach you ways to be positive no matter how hard the situation is.

Key Takeaway

Fresh graduates may face post-graduation blues after school is over. This is due to loss of routine and stress over finding employment. While this condition is difficult, it is not difficult to manage and people should do all they can to manage these blues.

People can do this by listening to people’s stories in talks and consulting life coaches. They can make you stop thinking of these negative feelings by giving variety, reducing your anxiety, and helping you become more positive.

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