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The 97/3 Rule in Marketing

The 97/3 Rule states: “In every opportunity, the pioneering 3% will see it first, before 97% of the crowd will follow. The problem with this equation is that the first 3% would have already earned 97% of the income, while the remaining 97%  who join-in late, would just share 3% of what is left. Do you want to be part of the 3% or part of the remaining 97%?

Let me give you an example. When the mineral water business started booming, Agua Vida was one of the first in the market.

When people saw proof of its success, they started copying it. You can see mineral water stations popping up everywhere. When you put up a mineral water station beside an Agua Vida store, yours is called… “Kontra Bida!”

I’m sure you still remember the shawarma craze. Or how about the Zagu rage? I call it a rage because of the many franchisees that were enraged with them when they started giving out franchises with no territorial boundaries.

When you start a business, start something new. Make a move that will place you in the first 3% rather than the remaining 97%. How? Tune in…

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