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The YOUnique Conference (play by play)

Here are the highlights for The YOUnique Conference book launch last July 27, 2012

Registration was long. Really blessed with all the volunteers who helped out.

And of course…my beautiful wife Kat, who was on top of the whole even

Left view…

Back View

De Luxe Seats

YOUnique T-Shirts. Which YOUnique character are you?

YOUnique Book and Workbook

Thank You to our Sponsors: TV5, Caltex, Waterfront, Urban Concepts, Sante Barley, Ideal Vision, Best Brands, Frap Bar, Ayalaland Premier, ZTE, Jeunesse, SYSU, United Neon, Party Pix.

And all our media partners.

Jay Esteban, our host, kicked off the event with a bang! He is a former news anchor in Channel 9 and a corporate host and trainer. He introduced all the speakers and gave his input after each talk. I couldn’t think of anyone better to host the event than my good friend Jay.

I started by sharing the first part of YOUnique — by introducing the 4 Characters. Dominant Eagle—-Influential Rooster—-Steady Carabao—-Corrective Tarsier

We did the YOUnique personality test.

The audience then tallied the answers to discover who they are among the 4 Characters

Some took longer to answer than others.

Then I gave them an overview of the 4 Characters.

4 of my friends represented the 4 personalities.

Dominant Eagle: Acel—award-winning artist, & former lead singer of Moonstar88.

Title: The Puzzle Pieces of a winner.

Prize (Goal), People (Mentors), Purpose (The Why behind what you are doing)

Purpose + People + Purpose = Winner

She also introduced The Right Start foundation for underprivileged kids.

Its a great way to help out.

Influential Rooster: Carlo Ople—New media Head of TV5 and a prolific blogger. Editor in chief of thenewmedia and

Title: Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last.

What is a nice guy? Shares Network, Shares Knowledge, Shares Compassion

Benefits of being Nice: Connections & Attention, Positive Presumption, Happy Accidents

Steady Carabao: Dennis Sy—Senior pastor of Victory Greenhills, a church of 2,000 members. A top christian blogger, and Editor in Chief of

Title: Thriving on Chaos

Never stop learning. Never stop building relationships. Never stop adding value to people.

Love change. Embrace change.  In the midst of chaos – be still and stay strong. Don’t fight the wave, ride the wave.

Corrective Tarsier: Richard Poon—The country’s top big band crooner.

Title: Swinging to Two Different Extremes

Be Structured & Creative. Be Nice & Excellent. Be Macro & Micro

You can be both right but have different angles. Learn to see both.

I ended the night by giving the Versatility Track to being YOUnique. The gist of the whole seminar is for you to “Put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

This is my promise to anyone who attends my seminar or read my book: “You will never look at people the same way again.

Congratulations to Wyne Manzano who won the ZTE Tablet main prize.

Had a great time signing books and meeting people. But if there is anything that I’m not very happy about myself, it’s my handwriting. I write like an elementary student. lol

I was humbled to know that some people came from as far as Pampanga, Laguna, Baguio, Lucena…4-5 hour drive just to be there; and even some from Cebu.

Francis and Pam, the event head for YOUnique Conference Cebu.

Thank You to all the volunteers!!!

You won’t be successful if you don’t have friends to back you up.

Until next time — See you at the Mastery Program!

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