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I know I said my latest post was the conclusion on my blog about adversity. The events that transpired yesterday made me add one more.

I was suppose to watch the NBA Finals before going through my itinerary. A business dedication at 4pm, a meeting with 2 of our youth leaders at 6pm, and a 1 Life to Live big group at 8pm. I have to ask someone to fill in for me because of a toothache. This is what happened instead…

I went to the dentist from 10: 30am-12: 30pm. My swollen gums prohibited her from extracting my tooth. Doctor’s instructions were to take antibiotics and painkillers. When I got home, I was still in so much pain. We called up the dentist and she asked me to go back again. She said we’d have to remove the tooth even if my gums are swollen. From 4pm-7pm, we tried to no avail. It was more painful now even with anesthesia. We ended up taking apart just a portion of the tooth.

When I got home my toothache was intensely throbbing. The pain is like being injected in the affected area over and over again. Ouch! We called the doctor at 10:30pm. She said I should go back to the clinic. She will extract the tooth even if it hurts so that the pain will be alleviated.

I rode a Taxicab following doctor’s advice not to drive. We had another procedure at 11pm that ended at 1am. The dentist said this was her first time to accept a patient at 11pm. All in all I was in the dentists’ chair for 7 hours. This experience is traumatic! I wanted to cry because of the pain but I have to remain tough. Aside from the fact that my dentist is a woman, she is also a member of our church. I would just wipe a tear every now and then. haha

As I write today, with antibiotics on hand and gums still aching, I woke up thanking God that the pain is gone. I appreciated my day just because it’s back to normal once again. We often take for granted the normal events of life. After yesterday, my normal days won’t be so normal again. Having a thankful heart towards our creator makes everyday special.

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