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YOUnique Conference Roadshow

YOUnique Bulacan

Organized by the lovely ladies of CVJ Training specialist. The audience are mostly employees and students.

The YOUnique Team by Salt and Light

There were participants from different companies in this workshop on how to be a more cohesive team. I also gave them one on one skills to supplement their learnings from the DISC personalities.

YOUnique Mangaldan

It was my first time in Mangaldan. Our seminar ended at almost 10pm, unlikely in a province. I’m glad they all stayed in finish it. 

Real Life Foundation Scholars

When I did the YOUnique workshop to them, I added many things on values. I shared that success is your relationship with God and how your pursue Him. If you pursue God, then success will pursue you. A little out of topic, but it’s important to put in.

YOUnique CDO

My stint here was very hectic. I did 4 long talks, did the dedication of Right Start CDO, and attended a wedding. Although I observed that in all my talks in provinces, CDO was the best crowd. I don’t know why.

YOUnique with Trinitas in CDO, Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, and Ilocos. ( Don’t have pictures of the others)

This is a one-month YOUnique road show in different provinces. New friends and a great experience.

YOUnique Baguio

Here’s a picture of the Influential Rooster participants in the audience. Roosters are just so creative, as long as they get credit for it.

YOUnique Laguna

Had a great time speaking to 250 people in Laguna.

YOUnique Lucena

I love the crowd in Lucena. I spent 2 days here and did 5 talks. Although I was tired, we would still go out any eat… the food here is sinful.

YOUnique in Cebu at Waterfront Hotel

Note: Most of the participants attended a seminar for the first time. I hope YOUnique inspired them enough to attend more in the future.

YOUnique Cebu

YOUnique in Manila

Note: Where it all started. This is my first ever public seminar. So blessed that it was jam packed.

YOUnique Conference Play by Play

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