3 Easy Ways You Can Motivate Your Team

What are some easy ways you can motivate your team?

  1. Display a positive attitude
  2. Know your team on a personal level
  3. Share your passion with your team

As a boss in the Philippines, coaching your team is probably one of your number one concerns. If you are similar to the most successful leaders in the world, you are doing all you can to help your team perform at their best. Good leaders are focused on spreading the feeling of being inspired -through talks, running effective meetings, using best practices for delegation, and setting challenging goals.

Still, as you learn and grow as a manager, there is one powerful habit you are bound to learn: Focusing on how much you motivate the people around you. Even though you might think that motivation is something that your team either has or don’t, in reality, you, as their leader, play an important role in how motivated they are on a daily basis.

Motivation can come as a result of you interacting with others. So how can you become a more motivating leader? You can start with these three easy ways you can motivate your team.

Display a positive attitude

There is an abundance of research available out there that shows the benefits of having an optimistic outlook on being an effective leader. You probably don’t even need science to tell you that. After all, it just makes sense that it would be more exciting to be around someone who is upbeat compared to someone who is always complaining.

Try and make a concerted effort to be gracious, optimistic, and supportive to your team on a regular basis. For instance, if you happen to disagree with a member of your team, rather than lamenting on all the things that they have done wrong, focus on the things you can fix.

If you try to stay positive in everything you do, your attitude will also influence your team to be positive themselves.

Know your team on a personal level

In the Philippines, coaches and leaders that want to motivate their team don’t just tell them what they need to do. Instead, they focus on cultivating strong relationships that go both ways with the people that they work with.

Leaders that want a team that is inspired talk with them and show a genuine interest in their concerns, happiness, and emotions. Good leaders try and aim to be fully present when talking with their team. But most importantly, they know how to show even a little bit of vulnerability.

If you are realistic, accountable, and honest with your team, they are also motivated to do the same.

Share your passion with your team

You have probably already had an experience with a boss who did not much care about anything that they did and was simply going through the motions. If you did, then you know that it can be difficult to be productive when your leader him or herself was not showing enthusiasm for their role or pulling their own weight.

Leaders that show passion for their work tend to motivate their team more. So try to find out what it is that makes your job meaningful, and share it with your team. Show them that you are passionate about the job by sharing projects that you are excited to work on, the mission you stand for, or your very own personal goals.

The more transparent you are with the reason behind everything that you do, the more likely your team is going to get involved.

Key Takeaway

Overall, try to keep in mind that everybody is different. What works in motivating one employee might not necessarily work for another.

If you ever find yourself struggling to figure out how to motivate your team, the best things you can do is to ask them.

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