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Adversity builds Self-Belief

Kat was due in three weeks. I found out that the remaining balance we owe for our leased space in a certain mall was around P350, 000. Our bankrupt company has P100, 000 left, so it took me another 2 weeks to raise the remaining P250, 000 deficit. Lo and behold when I returned with the full balance, accounting told me that there is an interest of P70, 000 for the 2 weeks delay. For those of you less cunning readers, that’s an interest of P5, 000 per day. Our store is already close at this time with no operation.

I talked to the lease managers several times almost begging them not to add interest. All to No Avail! (I won’t mention which mall did this. Lets just say that they were this greedy even though, “They have it All!”)

I had to drain all our savings to lend it to the company so that we can start dismantling the facility w/ no further interest & sell the dismantled items. Money I was reserving for Kat’s delivery.

First rule in adversity: Never Panic! I forced my mind to think of ways to raise money without incurring any more debt. After three days, our hospital bill came out at P85, 000. When all was said and done, we ended up having almost three times the amount we needed. In three Days!

When your facing incredible odds toward success, think of your love ones so that you can get strength from the adversity. And do not stop believing in yourself because if you do, then no one will. By the way, after two years, the mall hasn’t found anyone to rent our space until now.

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